Who you are? What you are?

What is difference between copy and inspiration?

What is success?

How to know yourself

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Mostly people inspire by people. It in nature of a human to be a personality, one who is recognized everyone, one who is appreciated by everyone.

Everyone has their own inspiration. Problem is they start coping rather than creating their own reflection; creating their own personality. Majority doesn’t even understand the difference between coping and inspiration; to get inspiration is one thing, to copy is another. For example if one wants to become celebrity, he/she inspires or whatever personality does fascinate doesn’t mean he/she should start coping. One should have his own personality to create footsteps, to pave a path for others. One could have the inspiration to become someone, keeping themselves intact. Having an ideal doesn’t mean you should become themselves.

Question is who you are? ‘Who will ‘you’ be? If you are a copycat of your ideal, then where are you? Where is your identity? You can’t introduce yourself as copycat of your ideal. A person should be oneself, not a duplicate of his ideal, one shouldn’t copy. Any other person, no one can take place of someone other. Everyone has own personality which he/she should groom. If a people want to be acknowledged around the globe, should create him/herself and alone. ‘When you become what you are is ‘SUCCESS.’

You are born original, don’t get replicated. Bruce lee noted, always be yourself, have faith in yourself do not go out and look for successful personality and duplicate it.

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Who are you?

Sure, there’s a piece of me who wishes I was one of the star football players featured prominently for my beloved Baltimore Ravens on Sunday afternoons.  But if I took one hit from an NFL safety while coming across the middle on a slant pattern as a receiver, you’d be reading my obituary, not this blog post.  I’m not made to do that.

What were you made to do?

Once you get that far, once you declare who you are and what you were made to do, then it’s time to analyze how well you are applying your skills with the limited time that you have.  “Know how you’re spending your time, so that you can see where space is available,” Vanderkam said (and she’s written an entire book on that practice alone).  Only then is it time to start analyzing best practices of the people you most admire and integrating them into a regimen designed specifically for you, your skillset and your calendar.  “You have to apply it through the filter of what will work in your life and what will not.”

“People should strive to be the very best version of who they are,” Michael Hyatt told me.  “There are many paths to success.  The best one is the one that allows you to use and develop your innate strengths.  Those will look different in different people.”

The worship of success and successful people has become so aggressive in the blogosphere that I wouldn’t be surprised if we do see an article in the future instructing us on what the most successful people do in the bathroom.  But we shouldn’t hope to find significance in being deemed successful (by whatever measure).  Instead, when we cultivate our own unique significance through a perpetual cycle of self-examination, education and practice, success becomes a natural byproduct


What is success?

Success is all about personal satisfaction. It can say one’s feels satisfied by copying his/her ideal; this is his/her personal satisfaction. But again there is question arise.

Is this success as he successful after losing him/herself, after losing own identity, can be successful. As far as I understand it, its success if his/her ideal to being copied by others. That ideal was to be getting inspired, not to be copy, not to be duplicated. One should keep his/her personality intact and create a new self to be inspired. Give world something new, something different or at least what you are, not a copy which will lost in no time.

If I am not wrong that is what actually called ‘SUCCESS ‘is to be you.



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