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You have no compatibility in your class fellow’s, company, department, home or wherever you exist. If you have any competition, only you are your competitor. Don’t compare with someone but yourself, with your past. Whatever you got result in your last achievement; sales target anything you have done. That’s your challenge to compete your past through improvements. If you examine yourself with others, how do you thing people make you feel good? If you do, might have some issues. For example jealousy, inferiority complex, envy, anxiety, someone superior to me, losing confidence to do something you need. I would like to suggest people might have the passion to do their job, haven’t you? Don’t feel regret for yourself, you always have the option to do whatever you need.

Question is who you are? ‘Who will ‘you’ be?

That is so important being able to look at your own power and, see your true value. If you really need to compare then change your perception like you can adopt their techniques. Afterword’s maybe someone else could change his thoughts to survive (a quotation from Bill gates I am not in competition with anyone but myself. My goal is to improve myself continuously’ Kaizen continuous improvement would be the best example I would like to suggest. In another word bill gates says ‘don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourselfthere are two different dimensions of comparison upward and downward comparison. Depending on the approach of someone’s motivation, he may have the tendency to compare himself with others either in an upward or downward kind of comparison. Festinger’s theory states that an upward comparison happens when the person compares himself with others who are better than him while downward comparison happens when he compares himself with others who are worse than him.

A highly motivated person tends to engage in upward comparisons, and usually assume himself as better or equal to the “best person”. Studies have shown that if given a chance, people choose to make upward comparisons instead of downward ones.

On the other hand, when someone is unhappy or is unmotivated, he usually engages in downward comparisons in order to feel better about himself.




  • Do you think you are not intelligent as others?
  • Are you not clever as the next guy?
  • Don’t you have any skills to prove yourself?
  • Do you need someone to strengthen yourself?

Did you observe how you felt after asking to yourself?






Follow your lead


Those who follow others like shadow will never know who they actually are. Only those who follow their only path can discover true potential. Those who walk alone have the strongest feet. Those who move alone have the strongest guidance, the rest will always be in need of others for their survival. They will always need to be observed, need to be acknowledged to survive. I am at silence alone needing no attention no recognition and still I grow. I am not saying those who need help are weak. I am not saying you must go at it alone to gain power. This is just for those who fall in battle alone. Those who have perceive like they don’t fit in, those who have never had support in anything they do. All of those who observe no one believe in you, you don’t need them to figure you. If you believe in yourself you don’t need their support if you got your own. The best thing is when you truly live the way you want to live, when you speak your truth. When you identify who you are then you gain real respect and real love. People love those who have the guts to being themselves. Those who have the courage to follow their lead, why?  It’s rare. Why? Because most people think they could the same, the way keep going?  Reckon yourself, it will come good in the end. Nike slogan says. ‘Just do it.’ Don’t wait around for inspiration, just plunge in. Waiting around for inspiration is an excuse. Inspiration arises from engaging in the activity.

When it would be done you are not the only one who inspires you. There would be a lot of others who inspire by you. I am just saying do not inspire by the others, you must inspire them with your stimuli. “Lisa Nichols” says, “mostly, the world sees you the way you see yourself.”




Element of y ‘why’ mindset

“Why” tool is use when problem is raises. It is natural to ask a question in order to find a solution and solve the query. Why I do things I do? Why this topic so important to me why does it matter? Why I do this job? It is a tool to give path to go to the place where the problem took place (zone of action, kaizen Japanese) is the best example I know. I am saying to those who really want to live happy life. They should have defined reason behind. It would make them encourage going further. Put vision in mind and start struggle to achieve. Set small scale targets to get vision. Consistency also matters.

How build a new home? First need a construction location, Architecture Design process Building constructor, process and so on. It would take some time, can’t build in one day same like building construction. Show your interest why you want that job?


Curtis Peterson was interviewing for a digital marketing manager position at SmartFile, an Indianapolis company that provides secure file sharing services, when his interviewer asked him what he knew was a make or break question. Why do you want this job?

Peterson replied. “I need this job because I have always loved building and marketing websites even as a kid. I built websites when they were using frames and AltaVista was a decent search engine, when I was 10 or 11. I have always been passionate about digital marketing, but I just didn’t know I could make a career out of trying to get people to a website.” He got the job. (Catherine Conlan)

Someone asked me why i took business administration course? What would I be after? I simply answered I would learn valuable skills like, leadership, teamwork, communication skills, finance marketing tolls organization, culture and culture. These skills help me to set my mind as entrepreneur. I need to think like a businessman. Need to know the opportunities exist in the world. Purpose gives motivation,


A person never adopt unless he is self-motivated. Let suppose a person took his medicine for half of month prescribes by physician. Another wanted to have sweets for half month. The question is who will adopt a habit? The person who ate sweet or person who took medicine according to a prescription? Obviously, a person who wanted sweets. What is the reason behind it? There’s a person who ate sweet acts according to his wish, other one is obliged to act according to prescribed in a calculated way. The point is, to do something one needs to self-motivate himself with his interest, not by someone else’s. When something becomes obligation, one loses interest but when there is interest and the right reason to do something; there won’t be any need of motivation from others.





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