Consistency is the key to success

What does consistent mean?

Everyone have dreams. Everyone have goals to achieve. The person who constantly tries to achieve their goals. Breaking all kind of obstruction and walk on their straight path. Because success is not one time matter, it takes time.



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay




An eighty year old was in a village. He seems like 40 year old. He use to work just like young man. People wanted to know what he eat so the age doesn’t dominate him. This situation reached to king. The king put his men behind the old man to know the secret. They saw an old man got out every morning and walk far off to a hill, took a fruit and returned home eating it. The king called that old man and said that from tomorrow he will go with you. The very next morning king started walk with, after some time king said he was tired. Old man a little bit more. When both reached the top of the hill it’s time to get that fruit which is hanging on tree. The Kind said we tell a servant.  You have to take that fruit by yourself old man said.  Old man climbed on tree, took some fruits and gave to king. The King became angry and said how could you stay young with fruit, moreover its common everyone use to ate. No one can stay young with this fruit, but every day for it I came by 10 kilometer who keeps me young. There is no power but in 10 kilometer walk to achieve this fruit. That’s my secret said the old man.



How to be consistent


I did research, read articles about how to be consistent how to stay motivated. Wherever I’ve read articles, is only about tips to be consistency, tips to stay motivated. For instance

  • Create and realistic goals
  • Create a schedule
  • Keep going if you make a mistake
  • Make promises
  • Place reminders around you
  • Stick with it
  • Engage in mindfulness
  • Reward yourself when done something

It is undoubtedly true that these tips good to stay consistent. But again here is a problem. Why would someone need to focus on schedule keep going? Why would someone need to promise him/herself? Why should stick with goals.

I simply ask a question why someone would do that stuff to stay consistent. As long as he doesn’t know, why this work is doing? Precisely if anyone need consistency should know first reason for work. Need to be clear, concise, compelling and commit. Why does it matter? Why I do this job? It is a tool to give path to go to the place where the problem took place (give link) I am saying to those who really wanted to know how to stay focus consistent and motivated, should know their vision, why this work must be done. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. (Marie Forleo)