Confidence is a fragile thing. It is a feel of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and perceptions. Confidence is important to your health and psychological well-being. Being Confident can help you become successful in your personal and professional life. It will help you to achieve your goals

Building confidence

When you believe in yourself, you will explore more things in different dimensions. For instance when I was studying business administration. My result was very low, I was fired by the university’s management, saying that you are not qualified. It was four year degree program and I already spent 2 years. I was really shocked to hear. I didn’t tell anyone in my family, so I start looking for another university to transfer my credit hours but, another there was a problem that no one picked me up. So I was literally hopeless and scared to tell anyone because I had already dreadful back ground regarding my study. I had already repeated 9 subject, four time in high school. Moreover I repeated 1 and 4th class two time. Getting long story short, at certain stage used to think that I was the dullest learner ever. So, I found a university where I started from beginning it was 2 year program. I was confident that I can do it. Still I am dull, but all I know, is I can do anything. Nothing is impossible but you need to focus. I just didn’t stop learning after MBA. I got three year training program of self-development, personality development, value development and career couching. Furthermore I heard about edx. Where I did social psychology, critical thinking and problem solving. It just cause of confidence inside me.


A person pretends that he have confidence inside him. People would feel like they have confidence inside. For instance today is your particle and external will come to take viva? If you haven’t read any special through the year. You will not able to get through it. Let suppose there is a recruiting in campus selection, if you show any confidence, but you don’t have a subject knowledge then your selection will not be approve. Because of this, you are showing confidence more the subject knowledge. It is called over confidence. It will not help you anymore.

Ways to improve confidence

Lack of knowledge


Let’s start with an example. Two men are siting, taking about marketing. Third person is only listening to them he got no awareness about what is digital marketing. He precisely would not interfere because of no knowledge about digital marketing. If one of them try to ask third person to give them suggestions. He would obviously loose his confidence, will think that if, he speaks he don’t know, what they talking about, it will be his embarrassment. But if he knows, will tell them and also would give advice to them with no hesitation. He would never think of confidence whether he have or not. Let’s make it easier to understand, knowledge is directly proportional to confidence. Where knowledge increases confidence also increases and vice versa.

Positive thought

While performing a certain physical activity, suppose riding a bike over again and again your brain automatically signals your muscles to do whatever that activity requires keeping you balanced on the seat, for instance your thoughts and feelings actually work in the same way. The discipline of thoughts creates a person’s personality, because as we think one day becomes same. If we think positive, situation would be the same way.  Same like as we think negative. Actions obeys thoughts, we do same what we have in minds. When we do rapidity the same it became habit. We can’t take it out of our life and our habits only defines our personality. If we think positive, our character would be positive and developed positive habits. If we keep looking for the faults of people we build negative character inside. If we need positive change in our role, then we have to start from thinking. If you think that you can’t not give presentation then you will never do it. Somehow you stand, while presentation, your mind will again pin this thing that you can’t do it. This would cause of your lose your confidence.

Loss of interest

One of the cause of losing confidence is lack of interest. As per as I know when someone has no interest to get something. I am not actually interested in politics it dump to me. When some where somebody talking about politics I avoid that to hear. I even have to listen, I use to avoid talk cause of no interest. It makes me always nervous. A couple of month before I use strategy to improve my confidence and it proves useful to me. I take out some hot news and whenever I sit near such people, put those news in front of them and ask their opinion. It makes me feel like I am interested in it somehow.

Experiences –bad decision

Previous bad experiences another cause a drop of confidence. We all have bad experiences somehow, when we try to start something new, productive. Bad experiences stand on front of our work and try to push back and there is negative thought coming thought past that remember last time we tried it, make us embarrassed, we couldn’t successeded at. This time again it looks like we won’t. Such kind of thoughts doesn’t let your confidentiality go forward. When such situations arise, just think of Thomas Edison. If he had thought so, then we would not have light today.

Don’t be afraid – afraid of asking

Pride and prejudice

The fear of asking losing confidence and when does it happens, when we are proud, know everything Einstein says, “Ego inversely proportional to knowledge.” When ego increases knowledge decreases and vice versa. Know question is, how to get rid of fear and boost confidence? One of the best way is, let go of pride and ask questions. When you ask question, first you will agree that you don’t know. It would be first attack on your ego. When you go for asking, it would another attack. When he will tell, you will assume that he told it right, it would be 3rd. the more you push the falling wall the more ego will fall. The more you ask would more increase in knowledge. Pride person will never ask a question, he pretends like he knows everything. Let suppose consider a half glass of water as a half knowledge. You will consider that half of knowledge you need it, will be first attack on ego. If you consider that your glass is full you will never can get more water to enhance your knowledge.









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