how to be consistent

how to be consistent

how to be consistent


The last couple of months that I’ve come to the understanding of what is required to be consistent? So, read very carefully to these steps okay, first and most important you have understand the why of consistency. In other words what I mean by that is you need to almost have a blind faith that if you are consistently applying yourself the end outcome is going to be glamorous. It’s going to be everything that you’ve never thought of never imagined. Can I in its own that’s quite difficult? Because as humans we don’t adopt blind faith easily. You have to believe that if, you are consistent the big picture vision is, you would be that much more successful, that much more profitable. It’s big picture that I need to stick to this goal now no matter what nothing. Whatever the priorities of I have this is single-handedly. The most important priority I have in my trading because, I see the big picture I see the vision. once you’ve got that blind faith that I will commit no matter what, then you need to understand that it’s a time scale basting, in other words to develop a skill. Remember what I’m saying consistency is not a noun it’s a verb, it’s a skill, and it’s something you have to learn. In order to learn a skill is going to take time, you’re going to have develop the habit of doing it. So, the first thing I’m going to say to you if, you truly believe in the art of consistence and you can trust me that this is the most important aspect of not just trading but of life. You have to acknowledge and accept it’s going to take time so, set yourself a time don’t be a blind squirrel and not you know just assume that you’ll become consistent. Set yourself a date three months five times a week. I’m going to be consistent every single day of the week or seven days a week whatever your goal is to you. Know into which you want to become consistent note as you go along this timescale. You see sports you know professionals doing this all the time they have this ultimate goal where if, they miss or they break a habit, they start all over again. don’t be afraid to do that if you struggling, you know consistency and maybe you get today eight and you’ve done at eight days in a row and you skip day nine, go back to day zero you have to learn the hard way to develop the skill of consistency. Remember if this is now that’s the blind faith if you believe like I do that this is the most powerful you know acid you can have or skill. You have to accept it’s going to be difficult it’s going to take time.

The next thing and, this is clear you have to have some sort of a template and approach now one of the things, I did research a lot. And I found it wasn’t just that I was focusing on multiple things you have to rule out. If, you want to be consistent it’s not many but one thing. The second thing is you have to have an exact template and the reason is that this exact template will help you know mentally to build little road blocks as you go along the way road blocks but it’ll help you build. Know sort of mental memory as you go along the way again, those mental memories through an exact templating that’s going to help you to improve your trading ultimately and, improve your consistency. That’s the real key those are three elements


Time scale



We have to understand. Be willing to start again if we miss number three have the template number four keep it simple, simplicity one thing consistent. We need a precise approach and this ties in with the template. I look at triathlon programs alright every single one of the programs includes, a runners from a cycle element twice a week. It’s precise now every one of those Neos run swim and cycle programs has an exact program. Its 200 meters of that its 5 minutes of sprint work, its 20 seconds of recovery. It’s exact there’s no questions, there’s no maybes ifs and buts, you simply just follow the precise approach and it’s the same in trading I can, I’m going to show you in a minute. What this little this precise approach looks like but it’s the same way we need to apply ourselves. That will ultimately give us consistency then motivation to stick to the plan and this is crucial. Consistency is hard remember, what I said to you, you are about to adopt the single most important skill not in just in life but, in trading. It is going to be difficult it’s not easy, it’s not fun.

How to stay motivated

You need to constantly be reminding yourself why are you doing this what is the end purpose. So, make sure you have those little motivational cues that keep you heading towards that big picture that vision and, then the last thing is some sort of a measurement performance. Become consistent of debriefs and hands-down success, I will be 50% better trader than I am today if, I attribute that and put that into performance or P&L performance. It means a significant amount of extra revenue so, that’s the big picture I know I need to do this too. I need to keep it simple, I need to get rid of all the extra things, I need to know get rid of all these other commitments. For instance emailing, WhatsApp groups, Twitter and all these other things that don’t add value. I have to get rid of the noise and keep it simple. Number three I need some form of an exact process approach that’s, what you’ve got in front of you just come straight out of debrief. Now what you can see is portion of you if, you’ve got four performance metrics and every single day, I have to go over these metrics. for instance, I have to go over my size accumulation something, I’m working on a goal, I’m working towards becoming better at and every single day, I have to say did I achieve my daily goal? “Yes” “No” you know did I apologize? Did I do what I rehearsed in my morning meditation? “Yes” or “No” was it just I went from a 10 lakh to a 20 lakh to a 50 lakh? So, I go write this down every single day right by right but, just simply ticking this thinking was it gradual? Was it delivered? it’s proof thought it’s making me think about how am I going about the process of becoming more consistent at size accumulation. I do the same thing my debriefs that I do a debrief Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday every single day I go and tick this through. Then every single one of the strategies that might have an edge in, I go and tick them. I go and analyze it separately. I look at all the different nuances around that trade strategy and then I also tick a box called level of focus. How focus was I in the morning, in the afternoon and every single day I do this every single Monday to Friday, no questions asked. It gets done straight off to the close this is priority number one when the market shuts and I do the same thing every single day Monday to Friday. I’ve successfully done of debrief every single day and I’m proud of it. More important, I can see it in the results, I can see it in the outcome, I can see in my way of thinking, I can see in the evolution of how I’m trading and that’s the motivation for me. That as I keep being consistent with this approach on taking ultimately I’m going to become a better version of myself, like I said it’s not just trading. It’s everything in life find something have the big picture vision keep it simple adopt an exact process. Remain motivated have those performance metrics and you will begin to develop the skill of consistency.


how to find you self

how to find you self

Who am I?

How to find yourself

Knowledge takes time to be established in the heart. But first if we start with those niches that might make you something which might you can’t imagine meant to do. What I say to reader is, there is a part in mind that might be unstable, not at all serious, taking most of the thing for granted. That’s ok, always happens. But remember one thing there has to be a part in your mind even in this beautiful age yet haven’t experienced the most critical part of life which is extremely hard. Even God says life is hard it’s going to knock you down, it’s going to break you down a real bad. To find yourself, to clear your entity and to discover the real potential God is given you, it’s take a lot it’s walking through fire, but that’s later not know. But my point and tip to the future leaders, the future scholars that, there has to the percentage in your mind you should joke around never be non-serious about it. That is “who you are”? “What you going to be.” You should be very seriously concerned about what you are, don’t let anybody enter this world of whatever you decided percentage that you serious about who you are, what you supposed to be, how you look at yourself and how you want to look world at you? How do you want to God at you? Even God says, “I am according to the way you see yourself. The way you perceive me that kind of attitude you will get from me.” This is the beautiful way of universe is it response according to your response to it.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality (Shawn Ashmore)

God says, “the world is created for you, my beautiful people, and shape it, use it to get actualize in this world to claim your leadership.” The world is waiting for you to respond what you have in your heart for it and, god is waiting for you to respond that the way you respond back to him. The most meaningful resource, the most powerful resource you have is being something in life being meaningful is “you.” If you did it people would say he is the man he pulled it off. But this walk is not an easy walk. Its hard walk of a life. Infect the most meaningful walk and the most significant walk of life is the walk you make alone, move alone. Nobody is there with you in your dreams, bring down heaven which you believe the world won’t recognize, the world won’t acknowledge you. People standing next to you will not believe in your visions. The world want you to live alive less or less ordinary like as they were. So, a time comes in life to be loyal in life to be something nobody expected from you. You need resources, you need to know yourself “who you are”? Because when you exhaust those resources in process to be that one which nobodies dreamt of. Being a human, their different identities you carry in your own heart. If you catch all that, you be invincible. One day nobody can nail you down on that flour of competition of life where everybody has to perform. Life is like a guitar if you plays it without knowledge, it makes noise. If you understand a little it becomes melodious. Your biggest resource is God, but first resource is you. God says to MUSA (as) I will open the twelve paths in ocean that’s my job to do. But you do yours first as well, just do it even for the ten percent, hit the stick you have it will open in twelve way. You need to make initiative. Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead. (Morihei Ueshiba)




What happens when you trying to pull up big vision in life when you trying to peruse nobody have imagined. You started face resistance like family, friends and society they would never let you do things you are trying. In our typical language people use to say go wash your mouth it’s not your job. But you must committed with your vision. Your patience would say I will not answer but the owner of the universe will, I will not answer but, public would. Have patience the journey of the time of concentration on your experiments. A talent and genius always be discord. Do not use wrong way to reach your destination. Don’t forget your principles and values. Don’t sell your cast to get some money. Your destination will demand patience, but don’t just believe in patience. You have to be sure, positivity, because belief produce act, produce positivity. Its long journey there is a bedrock in the distance. People will go ahead of you, you will tell yourself that you cannot do. Don’t panic in this moment, because you have your destination they have their. You have no match with them. That is so, important being able to look at your own power and, see your true value. A time would come, everything will be accordant, when opposition will star follow you. Need consistency, make sure failure is a step towards success. There was a time that I failed 4 times. My juniors became my seniors and, it was shame for me to be junior of them. I continuously study, even everyone settled in their life and, I was still studding. The result of which was that, today I am teaching my seniors and, I feel like I got best I have. Precisely if anyone need consistency should know first reason for work. Need to be clear, concise, compelling and commit. Why does it matter? Why I do this job? It is a tool to give path to go to the place where the problem took place




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